Pelvic Health Course for Women

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Course Description

This course is for any woman but may be particularly helpful for athletic women, trainers, coaches and medical personnel who work with women. If you, or a woman you know, races to the rest room every 30 minutes, leaks when she laughs, jumps, sneezes, coughs, or runs, or experiences pelvic pain, this course could be the missing link to her improved performance.

Learning Objectives

In this course you will learn about the common misconceptions about normal pelvic floor function and practical, actionable steps and exercises for what you can do about it. You’ll gain an understanding of how your body is designed to function and what we’ve accepted as “normal” function. Pelvic floor muscles are involved in athletic performance, core control, bowel and bladder function and sexual appreciation. You’ll also learn why random Kegels are not the answer and you will walk away from the course with an action plan for pelvic floor muscle improvement. This course contains guided mobilizations so that you can confidently perform self-care techniques at home. Regain control of your pelvic floor muscles and enjoy all of the benefits of improved function!

Course/Video Outline

Video 1: Introduction to the course, intended audience and goals

  • Common Myths about Pelvic Floor Muscle Function
  • Normal Pelvic Floor Muscle function and signs and symptoms of dysfunction
  • Pelvic Floor Muscle Anatomy Introduction and Photos

Video 2: Mini Lab

  • Improving proprioception of the pelvic floor muscles (Items needed: a chair and a hand towel or dish towel)
  • The respiratory diaphragm and pelvic diaphragm as a functional piston

Video 3: Towel Lab Q& A and Instruction Part 2

  • Live Audience feedback from Towel Lab
  • Practical and Daily activities that you can do to improve your pelvic floor muscle function and decrease dysfunction
  • Bladder Irritants and Soothers
  • Nutritional recommendations

Video 4: Live audience questions and feedback from lecture

  • Guided mobilizations and exercises for improved pelvic floor muscle function




This course is currently only available in English.

What to have available

  • A chair
  • A dish towel or hand towel